About the author of the 95 theses

Tobias Ulbrich was born in Salzwedel on 10.06.1972. He grew up as the son of a Protestant pastor and a church musician.

He studied law at Humboldt University in Berlin and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.

After his first state examination, the lawyer Ulbrich got to know Lothar Diehl from Ratingen, who gave him further training as a trainee lawyer at his law firm in Düsseldorf. Following his second state examination in Düsseldorf, he was taken on by the law firm.

As part of his training as a specialist lawyer for transport and forwarding law, Ulbrich met Dr. Marco Rogert and founded the law firm Rogert & Ulbrich with him in April 2007.

The law firm became known as a consumer protection law firm in light of the emissions scandal. It was the law firm that won the first warranty proceedings for the reversal of the purchase contract in North Rhine-Westphalia in the exhaust gas scandal at the Krefeld Regional Court in late summer 2016.

Ulbrich also gained notoriety because he was the first lawyer in Germany to win against Volkswagen AG at the Regional Court in Hildesheim on 17 January 2020 on criminal grounds. For the first time, Volkswagen AG was sentenced to pay damages for intentional immoral damage and for fraud.

In the context of a merger of the partners of the leading law firms in the so-called exhaust gas scandal, Ulbrich as plaintiff’s representative, with his colleagues Dr. Stoll, Dr. Rogert and Sauer, conducted the lawsuit on behalf of VZBV (Federation of German Consumer Organisations) against Volkswagen AG. Once the 4th Senate of the Braunschweig Higher Regional Court explained that it too was highly likely to be able to establish the conditions for wilful and immoral damage as constituent elements of the offence, Volkswagen AG backed off and began settlement negotiations.

After tough negotiations, a settlement was reached for the claim for a declaratory judgement, which provided for a settlement payment totalling EUR 840 million for approximately 265,000 injured parties who had filed a claim for a declaratory judgement.

Ulbrich is married and has two sons. He professes faith in God and tolerance towards all religious communities.

His close contacts with politics in the context of the test case allowed him to gain insight into the extent to which all political decisions and decision-making processes are permeated by business lobbying. This continues in the staffing strategy for the media and the highest courts, which now predominantly report only what is to be reported in favour of a centrally networked and globally active business dictatorship. It has long since ceased to be about factual explanations and facts. All media see themselves as permanent advertising media of just a single uniform worldwide message. The rest that does not fit in is censored, scientists and doctors are defamed, common sense is switched off.

The content to be found on the website represents the personal and private opinions Tobias Ulbrich and is intended as an incentive for political discussion.

One thing should also be made clear, an influence of ALL currents of society on legislative processes is desirable. Only the voter, the sovereign should see who, to what extent and how, attempts to intervene in the decision-making processes. This can only be achieved with absolute transparency and specifying processes as to how influence is permitted and where applicable, otherwise it must be punished by way of criminal law. Restoration of the constitutional order in the spirit of the authors of the Basic Law drives Ulbrich to the considerations set out in his 95 Theses.