Thesis 40

Safeguarding the integrity of creation and protecting human beings within the scope of the Basic Law calls for a new defence concept. This consists mainly of the development of computer-supported defence systems and defence against cyber-attacks. Furthermore, re-armament for counter-espionage operations and the establishment of separate German networks for maintenance of the state in the event of defence (independent of the internet).

Conversion of all government institutions and parliaments against EMP attacks. The control systems and EDP infrastructure are to be shielded against EMP attacks. All energy suppliers are to ensure that their line systems can withstand an EMP attack. Simulated stress tests are conducted for this purpose.

The control units for solar energy plants, which will be sold from 2021, must also be shielded against EMP attacks.

Communication will be converted to quantum level for defence purposes and the findings from communication via neutrinos (Antarctic Station of the German Universities) will be translated into practical secret defence applications.

Thesis 41

The Federal Republic of Germany will neither directly nor indirectly participate in military operations outside the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany without a UN mandate.

Thesis 42

The defence budget for conventional weapon systems will be reduced to the level of a few elite troops with high-tech equipment. Instead, operations are being switched to micro-robotics and drones. Furthermore, satellite-based defence systems will be established to provide protection against any missile and conventional weapon attacks combined with existing weapon systems in association with European partners. The world should know that we do not have the equipment to attack but we do know how to defend ourselves.

Thesis 43

The stationing of nuclear weapons will be prohibited on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Federal Republic of Germany is to be a nuclear weapons-free zone. These are to be removed from the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany by the end of 2020 in consultation with the allies.