Family policy

Thesis 48

Family policy and the social security of families with every new-born child is of existential importance for the country. The basic security of EUR 1,200 each month shall be granted to every mother who has given birth to a child and is a single parent. The child benefit shall be increased to EUR 500 for each child.

Thesis 49

The integration and care of one’s own parents and relatives in old age within the family is desirable and should be rewarded. To that end, simplified procedures for the approval of care levels in home care shall be introduced.

Thesis 50

The birth rate must be raised above 2 to continue to have a German society in the future. The work and family life balance should be strengthened to that end. There should be a right to all-day care for children up to the age of 14. This will be set up free of charge by the federal government and the federal states within a single legislative period and made available nationwide.

Thesis 51

The compatibility of work and family life is to be strengthened by promoting home-working concepts and more flexible working hours.