europe policy

Thesis 72

Europe will have a common defence policy and a common defence procurement policy Europe will build 2 aircraft carriers with naval units itself to be able to respond flexibly to threats to Europe worldwide. Within NATO, too, there was a desire for Europe to become more involved in common security concepts and make its own contribution. To that end, Europe will also install a satellite-based reconnaissance and defence system that can not only analyse threats to Europe but also ward off attacks.

Thesis 74

National monetary policies will be abolished and replaced by a European monetary policy. National bonds will be abolished and replaced by Eurobonds. This will strengthen solidarity in the economic area, and all debts of all states will become common debts of Europe. Joint and several liability strengthens confidence in the euro and confidence in the economic strength of all European nations.

Thesis 75

This also requires the transfer of further national competences to the EU, with the EU organising Europe-wide financial equalisation and the degree of new debt of individual nation states. The aim in this respect also envisages raising the different economic conditions in Europe to a common, more homogeneous level in the coming years.

Thesis 76

Major research areas, such as battery development and the development of gravitational propulsion systems, will become European tasks.

The accelerated development and expansion of reusable and inexpensive carrier systems for space transport is also declared a European task. This begins with railgun launch pads, reusable launchers and gravitational propulsion systems.