Foreign policy

Thesis 78

In the future, Europe is to be represented by a Foreign Minister who can be elected from among the members of the European Parliament for a maximum of two legislative periods.

Thesis 79

Foreign ministers of the nation states will form an advisory council of the European Foreign Minister to determine Europe’s position in internal dealings in advance and in accordance with the majority principle before the foreign minister speaks with Europe’s single voice. National go-it-alone approaches to foreign policy are no longer to be adopted. The vote of the advisory council will remain secret and national positions will not be published as a counter-statement. This strengthens Europe’s role in the world and puts Europe on a par with other strong partners.

Thesis 80

The contract with the NSA for spying on all internet data nodes via the State Treaty with Mr Steinmeier as then Foreign Minister shall be terminated. The future uncovering of the spying of data by government services of third parties is considered an attack on the Federal Republic of Germany.