Domestic security

Thesis 90

The state’s monopoly on the use of force must be maintained. For example, on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, officials cannot be allowed to face crimes without being able to intervene because they are outnumbered and no reinforcements are available. The police should be equipped with networks and the number of staff should be increased considerably at the federal and state level.

Thesis 91

Domestic security also means freedom of the individual. Only those who do not have to fear crimes and live in a peaceful environment can develop. However, this also means that the state must keep out of the private lives of citizens. There will be no screen searches based on suspicion. Video and photographs taken on motorway bridges will no longer be stored. RFID data of vehicles will no longer be recorded and stored and deposited in citizens’ movement profiles. 

Thesis 92

Video surveillance is permitted at danger points, bus stops, railway stations and airports and only the data set will be stored permanently for which there is suspicion of criminal activity. In other respects, the data must be deleted. The area covered by video surveillance must be clearly marked by floor lines for each citizen, so that they can decide for themselves whether to become part of the recordings or to choose other means of transport. At the same time, the lines serve the purpose of preventive warding off of danger since everyone must know that they are now being recorded.