Development policy

Thesis 44

Development policy shall be conducted following consultation with the Ministry of Defence. The fight against poverty and establishing structures in the countries from which most refugees originate is in the primary interest of national security. It is also a matter of raising Germany’s profile by way of infrastructure measures and the provision of security structures in those countries that do not usually offer any stability of their own, laying the foundations for this to be followed by construction and sound investment. Orderly reconstruction is not possible without exporting security structures. The pacification of crisis zones and economic support on the ground provide the best defence against terrorism.

Thesis 45

In conjunction with THW (German Technical Emergency Service) and international aid organisations, the Ministry of Development coordinates measures that make a sustainable contribution to the development of war zones and the fight against poverty. To that end a list of priorities is drawn up each year and included in the budget for the coming year. The effectiveness of the measures, taking into account sustainability for the protection of the Federal Republic of Germany as well is the decisive criterion for the promotion of these projects. Ten percent of the defence budget is spent on this, since support on the ground is the most effective part of counter-terrorism. Those who provide humanitarian aid and at all times work towards the restoration of peace provide the best homeland security for the future.

Thesis 46

Demographic developments are leading to an ageing of the German population coupled with a shortage of skilled workers in all areas of the German economy. This calls for a long-term immigration programme. Young families with children from other European countries should move to Germany. In addition, a green card procedure should enable graduates of universities from abroad who are not more than 30 years old to move to Germany with a work permit if they can prove they have a job. The public need test for positions to be predominantly filled by German citizens will be applicable if the German unemployment rate is below 6 percent and full employment can therefore be assumed.

Thesis 47

Organising an orderly influx of the best brains internationally requires a national effort because only an influx can secure Germany’s future, since the birth rate to date is still causing the German population to fall further. A birth rate below 2 will not stop the demographic distortion. Moreover, it will exacerbate it in the future.